Party On The Square- A Night At The Pub

Tonight at the Party we're going to a place that only exists in my memories now, but I spent many happy hours perched on a bar stool there. Some of the happiest times were every other Saturday night when we had what we called "Open Mic." It wasn't a traditional open mic, there was no sign up sheet or three song limit (unless you sucked). It was basically the house band playing bar favorites and some originals, one dude who by all rights should have been an open mic-er, but he was there for every gig so he was our 'guest singer' and always did five or six tunes and whatever brave souls were liquored up enough or we could talk into grabbing that mic and belting one out.

Even though I no longer drink, I just love a good dive bar. Saturday night at your local pub is some of the best fun you can have. Whether it's live music or the jukebox, the joint is jumping, the drinks are flowing like a river and the crowd is partying hard and singing along...

Now, our guest singer used to have a wife. I referred to her as Miss Pantomime. Me and whatever cook was working would sit and watch her sing along and pantomime grand gestures as she sang, and the more she drank, the grander the gestures. We even had names for most of them-the 'Price Is Right' showcase hand sweep, threading the needle in the air and our favorite--the Celine Dion chest thump. We didn't have to worry that she would notice us across the bar giggling--she was totally and obliviously into it, never more so than in this song right here...
Just Breathe

This tune here used to get requested and there was this woman we called LisaLisa who would drink so much she could barely stand, yet she still managed to get up to 'dance' to this. She would then proceed to work her way up to the band and attempt to gyrate against Cleetus as he tried to finish the tune. Look, aside from the fact that you are interfering with the evening's entertainment-- that is my husband, get your skanky ass off of him, I will knock you down little girl and it will look like an accident!
Figured You Out

Our guest singer took the lead on this one, but the whole band really did their part to make this tune come alive with echoes and sound effects and a song I never thought they could pull off became a bar room favorite.
Comfortably Numb

I don't believe that we ever got through a night without the Diva singing this one. Okay, yes, it's a classic, but me and gem56 and Josh were sick to death of it! But, it being the Diva's bar and band and considering that the crowd loved it, what are ya gonna do? Sing along!
Me & Bobby McGee

We usually got to this one somewhere in the third set, but I've noticed that it doesn't matter whether a band is playing it live or it's on the jukebox, this is a party tune. If you're in a bar and the place is hoppin' and this tune starts to play? look around--the whole damn bar is probably singing along.
Pour Some Sugar On Me

I think it's pretty obvious why this tune is popular. My favorite memory of this one has to be when I told Josh I wanted the band to play this and he openly doubted they could do it justice. So, I made them play it. Sweet vindication was mine that night. Still, it's a fun tune live or on the jukebox and for a bonus giggle there's usually going to be somebody in the crowd who yells out the "uh" in the wrong place.

So, what songs get you singing along with the crowd? Are you a pantomimer? Got a set of air drums? Sing along whether you know the words or not? Yeah, me too. I have a bunch more and I'm gonna post 'em down in the comments, won't you join me?




Open Mic Tonight! Yeahhhh!!!!!

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Gotta have some John Denver.

Some Elton John:


Danny's Song(My mom used to sing me Anne Murray songs so they are always somewhere in the back of my mind)

And of course some Willie from the heart of TX.

Punk rock covers FTW. Spike is an awesome singer and this cover band is a collection of my favorite punk bands.

George Thorgood

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destroyed my hearing for a week in the mid 80's when I went to hear him in a small old movie house venue in La called Perkins Palace. They rang quite loudly for about a week then went into a lower shreech. Seemed fine after that and I gotta saw it might have been worth it.