Daily Kos is a Hate Site

Daily Kos is a hate site.  It pretends to be a liberal and/or progressive democratic party website with a mission of electing Democratic party politicians.   It’s liberalness is fake and gives real liberals a bad name.  The only progressive nature of the site is it clings to a corrupted plutocratic political party that is progressively going downhill. 

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last six years reading, commenting, and writing at the Daily Kos.  I joined during the second term of Boy George Bush in search of a place that would fight back against the madness of war, bank bailouts, political corruption, Wall Street and Corporate influence, and police state measures such as the Patriot Act, the establishment of “Homeland Security”, getting strip searched by the TSA, spying on our every word, unemployment, poverty, and wealth inequality. 

There seemed to be a lot of solidarity with a common enemy to hate.  I joined in although was never comfortable with the hating.  Then Obama was elected and it became clear to many of us that his Presidency was going to be nothing more than a continuation of the Bush Junior years, and the Clinton years, and the Bush Senior years, and the Reagan years.  It's all been the same.  Nothing would change and the plutocratic agenda would continue on. 

Then criticism started within the ranks but Daily Kos was invested fully in the first black President.  The hate that had previously been directed primarily at outsiders like the teabaggers, conservatives, libertarians, republicans, and neoconservatives was turned inward.  It started eating its own with hate. 

Today it’s a cesspool of hate against anyone and anything that disagrees with it’s collective view of life and have opinions that are different from those who represent the site.   Opinions that had previously been popular and accepted when Bush was President are now the rantings of tin foil covered lunatics, idiots, morons, racists, and delusional paranoids.  The hate is as thick as anything on the internet while the participants delude themselves with their liberalness by thinking somehow they’re different.  It’s not hate they say, it’s just that everybody else is a moron or an asshole.  That’s not hate to them, it’s just the truth in their own minds.   They call everyone else sub-humans yet claim to fight for those same sub-humans.  It’s beyond cognitive dissonance, it’s sociopathic. 

Make no mistake, the rank and file follow the leader and the leader is the king of hate, consistently pointing out the hate of others in weekly email summaries while spreading his own brand of hate against all who think differently. 

There can be no more hypocritical an atmosphere than one that claims to be for the people, yet hates anyone that doesn’t agree or doesn’t toe the line of their own morally acceptable behavior. 

The Daily Kos is symbol of what the Democratic Party has become, a corrupted institution with selfish motives and hate for the people in its heart.  




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This is a collective generalization of course.

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There are plenty of good people that participate on that blog.  It's just been overrun by the haters.  The funny thing is, this has been the case from nearly its inception except the perceived haters and hatees have changed.  Now the hippie bashing is at its zenith.  Under Bush, hippiesm was in vogue.  But make no mistake, hate is the constant.  And it's not like that's not the same you'll see at Redstate or alot of other blogs, even the comments under CNN articles.  Hate is everywhere on the internet.   But those who purport to be above hate the most are just as hateful as the rest. 

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Tactics of hate increased dramatically during the 2008 primary

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With Obama supporters leading the way in converting the site to a place not safe for opposing views.  Many Clinton supporters left, unwilling to submit to the level of abuse they were facing. Obama supporters have continued to use tactics of hatred, blame, and pumping up high emotion, thus effectively preventing the organic formation of consensus unfriendly to the Obama administration.

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And remember that those "opposing

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views" were held by the majority of people when George W. was in office.  Now that Obama is in office, it seems they don't care about the very same issues anymore -- whatever Obama does is just perfect, yet they yelled about Bush doing the very same thing. 


With Obama supporters leading the way in converting the site to a place not safe for opposing views.

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Sometimes it's laughable

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You're exactly right Glinda.

I can imagine the outrage if Bush were conducting double-tap droning of first responders in the Af-Pak region and in Yemen, compiling a kill list matrix which includes US citizens and providing support for Al-Qaeda linked terrorists (al-Nusra) in efforts to do regime change in Syria and MEK which the administration removed from it's list of terrorist organizations so they can stir shit in Iran.

If one raises the fact that the Obama administration has been funding al-Qeada terrorist linked groups in Syria while at the same time claiming he has the authority to kill them expect your comment to be ignored, labeled as CT or that it "doesn't pass the smell test" or even HR'd.

However there are exceptions to that thinking among some of the longer term members.

So many new members. I wonder who or what they are. The authoritarian and authoritarian follower clique appears to dominate most discussions at this point in time.



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