Labor News Roundup – February 4, 2013

This is the first edition of what I hope to make a regular feature here at VOTS. I will try to focus on labor issues by presenting domestic and global labor news. Please share your comments, suggestions and thoughts.


From Oakland, California……      

Union and Non-Union Workers Fighting Together

Unionized concession workers rallied with their non-union counterparts as part of an ongoing labor fight at the Oakland Airport. Non-Union concession workers from Subway, Jamba Juice and other airport concession stores are fighting for their right to organize.


From Israel……

Israeli Nurses Win Strike

Israel’s 28000 Public Health Nurses ended their 17 day strike after securing a 13% salary increase. The increase will be spread out over 4.5 years. At 476 per 100,000, the country of Israel has one of the lowest ratios of nurses per capita for a developed country.


From New York, New York…….

New York City School Bus Drivers Strike over Job Security

On January 16 of this year, approximately 8000 school bus drivers and aides began a strike to fight rule changes that the workers say would jeopardize their jobs. Earlier this week the National Labor Review Board (NLRB) ruled that the strike was legal and refused to issue an order to end the strike. Mayor Bloomberg has been leading a very public smear campaign against the striking workers.


From Washington D.C…….

Wal-Mart Opposing Living Wage

Wal-Mart continues their long history of opposing all Living Wage legislation. Wal-Mart prefers to pay low wages so that the taxpayers can then pay the Medicaid and Food Stamps cost for their workers.




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Outstanding. Great addition to the site

geomoo's picture

How many of us are aware of these stories?  It is a great service.  Even for someone not following the links, these stories are brought into awareness with those useful summaries.  Thank you, Sartoris.  May this new feature continue.

The story out of Oakland is quite encouraging.  Here's hoping this is a harbinger of a new awareness of the common plight of workers and the power of solidarity.

I feel proud to think of VotS as a place where labor has a voice.

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Thanks, Geomoo

Appreciate the endorsement of this idea. Labor news is not covered very well (IMO) by the regular media. I'd like to get the word out on some of the labor events that are seldom reported.


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Yeah perfect for this place. Maybe too classy for me though. I prefer fart jokes.

Inside scoop on labor. Honeywell and what's left of its union signed a 4 year contract Saturday. A steward told me late Saturday that each contract is worse than the last, that all the old timers want to do is hold on to the status quo until they retire, and that once the boomers all retire the rest of the workforce is too week and will fold altogether. Honeywell has been chipping away at benefits and pay for 20 years and won't stop until there is no union at all. The kids don't give a shit because they haven't been brought up in union homes.

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You hit the nail on the head with this statement

"The kids don't give a shit because they haven't been brought up in union homes."

I'm 2nd generation Union. My father was a high school educated farmboy from Arkansas who was able to earn a middle class income because of a union. The unions brought the middle class to America and the demise of both is inextricably linked.

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