An offer they couldn't refuse

 photo cirque_zpsto2jnwxo.jpgI had to send some of my guys with the cauliflower ears and bent noses over to Cirque du Soleil yesterday to put the kibosh on their plans to present Ovo in Greensboro, NC from April 20 to April 24 and Charlotte July-6-10 and Turok in Raleigh in June.

But let's face it, such highbrow entertainment was too gay for North Carolina anyway.



Wherever there's a fight, I'll be there

Yesterday Samer asked, Does Ted Cruz recognize transgender as an identity?.

Samer was concerned about a statement Cruz made:

The Education Department is suing a school to force them to let a teenage boy shower with teenage girls.

It appears to me that Sen. Cruz believes that transgender people are, effectively, confused people in drag or people with a mental illness.

I left a comment:



Gov. Baker Exits Stage Right


 photo Baker_zps6uj4lp13.jpg
Gov. Charlie Baker was mysteriously chosen as the keynote speaker at a networking event hosted by Boston Spirit Magazine last night in Boston.


Yet when the Republican took the stage, he was confronted by signs and chants from demonstrators urging him to support a transgender anti-discrimination bill, which has been a hot topic of late for the Massachusetts governor.

Despite pleas from his audience, Gov. Charlie remained steadfast:

I will make sure I talk to all parties involved before we make any decision.

Presumably that includes Massachusetts Family Institute, which promotes hatred against transgender people.



Backlash in South Carolina getting a head start

The South Carolina legislature steps up to the plate today to take its swing at the transgender piñata. Sen. Lee Bright fell in love with North Carolina's Hate Bill 2 before it was even passed.

Bright, who faces three GOP challengers in June, said he's had enough of tolerance if that means "men who claim to be women" going into a bathroom with children.

Gov. Nikki Haley and state business leaders have called the law totally unnecessary.

Sen. Bright is trying to create a political crisis that doesn't exist to save his political career.

--Ted Pitts, Chamber of Commerce



Discrimination is international

 photo Mr. C_zpssr2qglt2.jpgYesterday in southern China a labor arbitration panel held a hearing in China's first legal case claiming employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Identified only as Mr. C, the 28-year-old plaintiff says that he has identified as a transgender man since college.

Mr. C applied for a sales job with the Ciming Health Checkup Center in Guiyamg, Guizhou Province, last April.



Murder in Houston

 photo shante_zpsjgv2w3cw.jpgLate Sunday in Houston midtown, a few blocks from bars and restaurants, Shante Thompson and Willie Sims were shot to death. Police say they may have been beaten with a crowbar or tire iron before the shooting transpired.

Witnesses say a group of up eight people armed with several weapons swarmed a transgender woman and a man out in the street.

It really hurts me. I have always looked for Shante. I was always been there for her. When I got the call and saw her laying on the ground it really hurt my heart.

--Kevin Braxton, friend of Ms. Thompson



Vigil for Annabel

 photo Anabel_zpsqhtfxma3.jpgThere was a vigil last evening for Annabel Montoya, the East Los Angeles transgender teen who was intentionally run down by a vehicle in Monterey Park on around 2:30 am on Saturday April 2. Police have said that Annabel may have been beaten before being run down.

The 16-year-old Annabel is currently in a medically induced coma in the ICU at County-USC Medical Center.



Kansas increases its sucking

Once upon a time, I lived in Kansas. At the time the governor was Bob Dole. I was stationed at Fort Leavenworth and worked at the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

To the present:

The Brownback administration has decided that it will not be sufficient to require that transgender people be forced to use the restroom that accords with the sex listed on their birth certificate...since currently one could have the gender changed on a Kansas birth certificate by presenting medical documentation that displays that an anatomical or physiological change has occurred.

The governor’s administration has proposed changing the regulations so that the gender on a person’s birth certificate can only be changed if the person signs an affidavit saying the gender was incorrectly recorded on the original certificate and also provides medical records backing up that claim.

The change developed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment seems to block transgender people from changing their birth certificates after transitioning.

They’re trying to change the rules in the middle of the game.

This has been standing in Kansas for a very long time that transgender people are able to get their birth certificates corrected. Now they’re changing the rules because there are transgender people who are still trying to get their birth certificates corrected … and Brownback’s people don’t want that to happen.

--Tom Witt, Equality Kansas




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