Immigration Judge grants asylum to transgender immigrant from Guatemala

Immigration Judge Saundra Arrington on Tuesday in Lumpkin, Georgia granted asylum to an unidentified transgender immigrant from Guatemala. The transgender woman fled to Guatemala City from her home village when she was 17 to escape bullying and harassment. She worked at a laboratory making shampoos and soaps until she was fired for being LGBT by "new management".



One score and 5 years

In which I continue my reminiscences...

Assuming Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

See the screw slowly turn around
See it sink without a sound
Feel your head split with every turn
Feel the steel knob begin to burn
All is lost now, it seems that way
All is lost now, it seems that way

From one of my readers:

I would be very much interested
in all the dynamic you and your family went through, in detail. I bet it would make for a lot of drama and sell more books because of it, if it ia published. Without that it seems a little too abstract and philosophical for me anyway. But maybe I missed some of what you have posted.

All righty then...


Being Different    
Being Different   

No words
from me
the pain

The words
your mind
and soul

--Robyn Elaine Serven
--November 2, 2005






Newark transgender teen punched and kicked in school hallway

Kylie Perez is a student at Eastside High School in Newark, NJ. Kylie says she has been bullied at school since she transitioned in sixth grade.

They would call me gay and faggot.


Last Tuesday, Kylie was walking in the school hallway when she heard a girl shout, "There's the tranny!" She was then sucker-punched in the head until she fell, when the kicking began.

It was all caught on surveillance camera.





A quarter century

One quarter of a century. Twenty-five years ago today. That's when I began my transition.

It also would have been my father's 68th birthday, had he not died a third of a year before his 60th and about a year after my mother. Them dying, as well as their parents, was intimately involved with me waiting until I was 44. Wouldn't want to embarrass the family.

I also waited until I had earned tenure. It seemed prudent.

I've dug out this old portion of a manuscript to share in honor of this event. Maybe it will provide some understanding.



Lawsuit filed against state of Iowa

Two transgender women, Carol Ann Beal of northwest Iowa and EerieAnna Good of the Quad Cities along with the ACLU of Iowa have challenged the Iowa Medicaid ban on coverage for transition-related medical services as being a violation of equal protection under the law "as promised by the Iowa state constitution and the Iowa Civil Rights Act."



Dunford says Transgender troops shouid be allowed to serve

Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday on the occasion of his reappointment to that role.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand asked him about transgender troops. Dunford said that the thousands of transgender troops currently serving had performed their duties with honor and valor.



Research reveals that hormone therapy does not increase risk of low bone therapy or cardiovascular events

Spyridoula Maraka, MD, MSc, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and colleagues evaluated 29 studies to determine the effects of sex steroids on changes in lipids including total, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglicerides, and cardiovasculat events such as myocardial infarction, transient ischemic attack, strokes and venous thromboembolism events.




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