Make it stop

I'm pretty sure it was yesterday that I wrote about the murders of two transgender in New Orleans on Saturday evening and one in Chicago last Tuesday.

Well, another day older and deeper in debt...



Signing up in favor of freedom

An amicus brief prepared by lawyers at the Human Rights campaign is expected to be filed with SCOTUS in the case of Grimm v Gloucester County School Board by March 2. Before it is filed, it is expected to be joined by Apple, Yelp, lending startup Affirm, Microsoft. PayPal, IBM, Salesforce, Box, Ebay, GitHUb, Slack, Tumblr, and Airbnb.



Opposition from on high

Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft. More.

Criticism of Trump's anti-transgender maneuver has been swift and vocal.

It's destined to fall on deaf ears, however.

It's ultimately going to come down to the business community to stop it because it's so bad for business.

--Christopher Gergen, Forward Impact

The action taken by the administration is troubling and goes against all that we believe in.




Iowa man arrested for threatening trans boy

65-year-old Mondell V. Olson read a newspaper article about a local transgender boy's gender journey. The article offended him.

So, what to do? Mondell called up Nevada High School and left a voice mail. Twice. He left the message that he would kill, brand and otherwise mutilate the body of the transgender freshman.



We didn't mean it; it was an accident; and we won't do it again

More than 180,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in California after an emergency was declared at Oroville Dam, the tallest dam in the United States.

Of course, local Republicans know exactly who to blame: transgender people.

--Nick Duffy, PinkNews

Oroville Dam: Dept. Water Resources ignored warnings 12 years ago – they did not want to incur the extra costs.

Instead, CA Gov. Brown and legislative Democrats have prioritized illegal aliens, inmate sex change operations, building homes for the homeless, transgender bathrooms, Eric Holder’s consulting services, and Climate change awareness, as our infrastructure is crumbling.

--Katy Grimes, Breitbart



The Breakfast Club (If I Had A Hammer)

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