Syrian Bombing Flowchart

The choice facing the US Congress and Administration as long as we frame the issue as whether or not to bomb Syria is quite clear, as illustrated by the following Decision Tree Flowchart:




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About covers it.

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But they're not just going to bomb.  They're going to tear the country down, a long term strategy aimed also at Iran. So there may be limited strikes at the beginning, although that could easily go out of control.  They can drop alot of bombs in 3 days but Syria has some serious anti missile weapons.  Shoot down a US fighter and boom, it expands.  Anything can happen at this point.

Why is the question.

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Future tense?

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This policy is slowly drip feeding weapons to various rebel groups has already been tearing Syria apart. Taking out Syrian air field and heavy artillery installations under the pretext of "degrading" their capacities to deliver chemical weapons is just more of the same, since the balance of power recently has been going toward the radical Islamacists in the East which have not been faced with weapons suppliers that are nearly so stingy.

Its obvious its just a pretext, since the chemical weapons can be delivered by mortars and by mobile artillery, and the Syrian government has plenty of both.

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